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Online Bingo
10 Spot Chat Keno
7pm – 12am GMT

During £30.00 coverall games, you pick 10 different numbers between 1 and 75 (known as "spots") and try to match all your spots against the first 20 randomly drawn numbers!
Deal or No Deal
6pm – 7pm GMT

Each number 'box' has a hidden amount of Loyalty Points inside. The winner of the game is given the amount of Loyalty Points that is revealed within their winning box. Either keep the amount of Loyalty Points revealed 'DEAL' or try your luck with 'NO DEAL'. If you choose 'NO DEAL' the CC will use the first ball out of next game as your winning box. You could win more, or less with between 50 to 200 Loyalty Points to be won each game.
U Pick 3
4pm – 5pm/12am - 1am GMT

Be in chat for your chance to win 200 Loyalty Points! Pick 3 numbers. The first 4 players, each game, to get those numbers types "pick 3" in chat to win 50 Loyalty Points each. Get the first 3 numbers out and win 200 Loyalty Points.
Bingo Bingo Bingo!
6am - 7am/3pm – 4pm GMT

When you Bingo on a B you win 200 Loyalty Points, on I=100 Loyalty Points , on N=50 Loyalty Points, on G=50 Loyalty Points and on O=100 Loyalty Points!
Lucky 7
1pm – 2pm GMT

Bingo on a number with a 7 in it and pick 2 friends for 50 Loyalty Points each.
12pm – 1pm/5pm - 6pm/10pm - 11pm GMT

Pick one number between 1 – 75. The first 4 players to get their number called and type “Woohoo" in chat win 50 Loyalty Points each. If you’re number is first ball out in game, your ‘Woohoo’ wins 100 Loyalty Points! – Spelling Counts -
Lucky Number
11am – 12pm GMT

Players all pick a number, first 4 players number out get 50 Loyalty Points each! Players need to call when their lucky number appears.
Add em’up
10am – 11am GMT

Pick a number 0-9, if any number ending in that number is called in the first 5 numbers, you win 50 Loyalty Points per number called.
Over the Rainbow
9am – 10am GMT

Pick a colour of bingo ball, (Blue, Red, White, Green OR Yellow). The last number called determines the colour for each game. All chatters that chose that colour win 50 Loyalty Points.
Mirror Mirror
8am – 9am GMT

Be on the lookout for a set of mirrored numbers to be called, eg 12 & 21, 17 & 71, etc. The first 2 players to type 'mm' (with the mirrored numbers they see) in chat, win 50 Loyalty Points each! Eg: type 'mm 12 21' for 12 & 21. The CM may change the winning players to 2nd & 5th or whatever so pay attention!
U Pick 2
7am – 8am/9pm - 10pm GMT

The first 4 players, each game, to get those numbers types "pick 2" in chat to win 50 Loyalty Points each. Get the first two numbers out and win 100 Loyalty Points!
Crazy Eights
8pm –9pm/1am -2am GMT

Watch the bingo board closely, when you see a number with an 8 called, be the first player to type in chat 'crazy' + # called , (eg. i28 type 'crazy 28') and you win 50 Loyalty Points! One win per player per game. Only '8s' called after the initial 40 balls are eligible.
Mini Races
5am – 6am GMT

A definite favourite with the bingo crowd! 1st place winners receive 150 Loyalty Points, 2nd place winners receive 100 Loyalty Points and 3rd place winners receive 50 Loyalty points.
My Connections
4am - 5am/2pm – 3pm/7pm - 8pm GMT

My Connections Each player chooses a number. The first 4 players whose numbers connect with 4 others to form a "Connect 3" ( horizontal, diagonal or vertical) yell out 'Connect + (number)' to win 50 Loyalty Points each! ie: For N35 -connect N33, N34, N35 or I19, N35, G51 etc.
Block of 5
3am – 4am GMT

Pick a number between 1-75. Our Block of 5's run from 1-5 to 71-75. If your number is in the same block as the number bingo'd on, you win. Example: the Bingo Ball was #33: You picked #34. That number falls within the block of 31-35, and you win 50 Loyalty Points. If the number you picked is the EXACT ball bingoed on you get 100 Loyalty Points.
Odds or Even
2am - 3am GMT

If you Bingo on an odd number, you get 50 Loyalty Points! Bingo on an even number and you get 100 Loyalty Points! Note: Only plays on the Blackout pattern.
Horse Races
11pm –12am GMT

HORSE RACES Pick a # 1-15. This will represent your horse for the Horse Races. All you have to do is play bingo and be in chat! Payouts: 1st – 150 Loyalty Points; 2nd - 100 Loyalty Points; 3rd - 50 Loyalty Points.
12am – 3am GMT

The first 'B' number out is the POWERBALL 1 - Select 5 numbers from Section A. 2 - Select 1 number from Section B. 3 - Enter your Gina Bingo Username. 4 - Press Submit. Plays on the Special 3-in-1 POWERBALL pattern with a £70 Guaranteed Prize!


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